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Non-Pokemon Sales

Sales Rules:
-Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 11/6/2014.
-All community rules apply
-Will not sell to non-members/anyone banned from PKMNcollectors
-Prices are in USD
-Payment via Paypal only
-Items will be shipped when payment has cleared
-Payment due within 24 hours
-Feedback will be left once I recieve feedback from the buyer
-Once I ship the item I am no longer responsible. I will provide a shipping receipt if needed for lost items.
-Reasonable haggling is accepted
-Allergies: My roomate has a dog and 2 cats
-I live in a smoke-free home
-Please do not edit posts, reply to the original post instead to avoid confusion.
-I accept trades/partial trades (Wants list)

Shipping info
-Shipping is from Michigan
-International shipping available with $20 minimum purchase INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE

Link to Pokemon Sales

Flitterheart $20
Diamond Rose $30 (has mark on back leg)

Impmon figure $8
Leomon/Saberleomon digivolving figure (missing sword) $15

Makishima Yuusuke figma (Yowamushi Pedal)  $25 obo
no box, was only displayed, has all pieces

Monster Hunter figure builder plus
Yian Garuga $5
Astalos $5

Yowamushi Pedal keychains $1 each
sold: both rubber straps

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Hi! the total with shipping would be $8.55

Is the sonic screwdriver in working condition? Like it lights up and makes noise?

yup! it lights up and does 2 different noises when you hold the button

Okay! How much would it be with that added?

the total would be $13.70 shipped ^^

Comitting to these! And comitting to the Imaizumi and Naruko yowamushi pedal flat rubber cell phone charm things.

So a quote for all this+Pokemon stuff please!

Edited at 2018-01-04 02:56 am (UTC)

okay so:

Astalos figure $5
sonic screwdriver $5
imaizumi rubber strap $2
naruko rubber strap $2
jigglypuff re-ment $5
charizard re-ment $5
sleeping litten $4
flareon kuttari charm $3

total with shipping = $36.90

okay! You can send payment to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com with your username in the memo!

Friends and family or goods and services?

goods and services please, it is against paypals tos to pay for items via friends/family

All sent! Would you like a photo for verification?

Payment recieved! No need! I'll update you once your items have been shipped out on saturday ^-^

Suuuuper long shot, but any chance you still have the Neopets items you listed here a long time ago?

Which ones? I still have some neopets plushies, I just haven't relisted them since I moved. I've got an almost full set of giveaway exclusive plush plus a few others

Yeah it was the giveaway plush I remember bookmarking. I'm still missing a bunch of them. I'd totally buy the set if you still want to sell it ^-^

they've been in storage but yeah theres only one missing from the full set. they are still in the plastic but i had to toss the cardboard boxes when i moved. feel free to make a reasonable offer if you are interested! cybunny was the only one i kept for myself and the tag code was unused when i got them, so these ones might have useable codes still but i haven't checked to be sure ^^'


I have the cybunny one so thats good. Would you take $100?

Either way I should have money tomorrow according to paypal.

yeah that sounds good to me, i'll do $100 including shipping! whenever you are ready to pay you can send it to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com as goods with your username in the memo

Will do asap! Thank you so much! If you have other Neopets stuff lying around feel free to snap a pic

I've got these two for sale, but any other neopets i have to sell are probably still in storage ^^'

Sent payment hope you received it :)

got it! i'll let you know once I've shipped!

Your package is shipped! I updated paypal with the tracking number ^_^

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