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Permanent Sales Post 2.0

Link to Non-Pokemon Sales

(neopets, digimon, monster hunter, anime, and more!)

Sales Rules:
-Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 11/6/2014.
-All community rules apply
-Will not sell to non-members/anyone banned from PKMNcollectors
-Prices are in USD
-Payment via Paypal only
-Items will be shipped when payment has cleared
-Payment due within 24 hours
-Feedback will be left once I recieve feedback from the buyer
-Once I ship the item I am no longer responsible. I will provide a shipping receipt if needed for lost items.
-Reasonable haggling is accepted
-Allergies: My roomate has a dog and 2 cats
-I live in a smoke-free home
-Please do not edit posts, reply to the original post instead to avoid confusion.
-I sometimes accept trades/partial trades (Wants list)

Shipping info
-Shipping is from Michigan, US
-International shipping available with $20 minumum purchase INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE
-Packages are shipped out once or twice a week

post is ctrl+f friendly!

Substitute costume pikachu plush (tush tag only) $15
Custom shiny umbreon by Beezeeart $20

Small rockruff banpresto $10
Big rockruff banpresto $25
Rockruff Tomy plush $9
Rockruff japanese Pokecen plush $12

Dusk Lycanroc banpresto plush $25
Dusk Lycanroc japanese pokecen plush $25

Ash and Pikachu nenoroid $45
Unopened, brand new, japanese release

Rockruff plastic mask $10
Latios tomy plush $30

Lycanroc midnight US tomy $5
Lycanroc midnight Style figure $5
Eevee Jakks figure $20

Chibicoro dice $1 each (the doubles have different poses)
(Available:  Chansey x2, Shellder, Slowpoke, Slowbro, Lapras x2, Charmeleon x2, Charizard)
Metal bootleg coins $.50 each
(Available: Torchic, Pelipper, Hoothoot, Ralts)

Rare ramen noodle stickers MIP (Take the lot for $15)
$1 Pikachu (3 designs, one double, take all 4 pikas together for $1)
$1 each (buy 3 get 1 free) : Charizard, Wartortle, Blastoise,  Kadabra, Meowth, Meowth holo, Celebi, Suicune, Blaziken, Milotic, Torkoal, Sceptile, Kyogre, Roselia, Ninjask+Scizor, Shinx, Happiny+Sudowoodo+Croagunk, Garchomp, Infernape, Empoleon, Dialga+Palkia+Darkrai, Mantyke, Chimchar, Croagunk, Snivy, Oshawott x2, Oshawott holo, Dewott, Pignite, Emboar, Axew holo, Zekrom, Krookodile, Kyurem holo, Mincinno, Stunfisk, Genesect holo, Liepard, Crustle, Zorua,Talonflame, Xerneas
$3 each: Flareon holo, Espeon, Espeon holo,

Bulbasaur sleeping toys r us exclusive plush $20
Mew petit mascot plush $10
Lycanroc midday pokecen plush $20

Midday Lycanroc banpresto $15
Midnight Lycanroc banpresto $15
Midday jpn tomy $5
Midday US tomy $5

Midday moncolle get $5
Midday shimmery moncolle get $7
Midday card deck unopened $8

Noibat tomy plush $12
Weavile minky jpn pokedoll $45
Little Tales Pikachu mascot pair $35

*tag conditions vary, please ask if needed!*
Shiny Noibat poseable custom by renstwin $30
Reshiram Pokedoll US TTO somewhat worn $15
Zekrom Pokedoll US $20

Giratina Pokedoll US $30
Arceus Pokedoll JPN TTO worn $5
Yveltal Pokedoll JPN $30
Xerneas Pokedoll US $25
Lugia Pokedoll JPN TTO loved, possbly a bootleg? $5
Meloetta Pokedoll JPN $15
Slowpoke Pokedoll JPN $30
Mienfoo Pokedoll JPN $10
Glameow Pokedoll JPN $20
Turtwig Pokedoll US $10
Helioptile Pokedoll JPN $20
Keldeo Pokedoll JPN $15
Plusle Pokedoll JPN $10
Minun Pokedoll JPN (cheek coming unraveled) $5 or free with plusle pokedoll

Mewtwo Pokedoll JPN $35
Blitzle Pokedoll US $20
Axew Pokedoll JPN $15
Riolu Pokedoll US $20
Pachirisu Pokedoll US $15
Charizard Pokedoll JPN $30
Sylveon Pokedoll JPN original release $40

Raichu Pokedoll JPN (tag is detached) $60

Suicune figure stamp $30
Leafeon figure dangler $4
Eevee figure dangler $4

Eeveelution mini ornaments $3 each
Available: Flareon, Espeon

Ho-oh tcg figure (shining legends premium collection) $5
Primarina tomy style figure x1  $5

Re-Ment desk figures $5 each
Available: Blastoise, Pikachu

Tepig large change-to-pokeball plush (NO TAGS) $4
Roserade Banpresto ufo (tush tag only) $20

Bottlecap tcg figures $5 each
Available: Kyurem, White Kyurem, Black Kyurem, Reshiram, Keldeo Resolute form

Snivy Jakks figure $3
Treecko figure $2
Porygon metal figure $2
Charizard figure (moncolle+? its broken off the base) $2
Manectric clipping figure $6

Tomy moncolle figures $3 each
Available: Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile, Tepig, Snivy, Servine, Serperior, Froakie, Piplup, Fennekin

Tomy moncolle figures $3 each
Available: Keldeo, Cobalion, Virizion, Terrakion, Braviary, Volcarona, Druddigon, Boldore

Tomy moncolle figures $3 each
Available: Gogoat

Tomy moncolle figures $3 each
Available: Pansage, Pansear, Panpour, Cubchoo, Beartic, Escavalier, Accelgor, Emolga, Stunfisk

Pikachu Tomy moncolle figures $1 each
Available: angry running, angry standing, happy standing, happy running

Used condition tomy moncolle $2 each
these have some small marks. Feel free to ask for more pictures if needed
Available: Hoppip, Absol, Bellosom

Candy Figures with pokeballs $5 each
(Available: Ho-oh, Piplup, Lucario, Suicune)
 pikachu are $3

MIB Kid figures
$5 each: Ho-oh x2, Charizard x1, Piplup, Butterfree
$3 each: Pikachu x1

Style figures $3 each
Available: Pikachu, Ho-oh

Eeveelution paper headbands $5 each
(would have to be shipped rolled up in a box to prevent creases)
Available: Leafeon x1

I <3 Eevee mascot plush TTO $8
Eevee MPC plush TTO $8
Chikorita Its Demo plush clip $8
Leafeon Tomy Kuttari plush (mint with tags) $30

Moncolle Get figures:
Ninetales $5
Ninetales shimmery version $8
others $4 each (available: Sandshrew, Delibird, Rattata, Yungoos, Snorunt)
Drowzee (no base) *free with purchase*

Sleeping Pikachu $3
Sleeping Litten $4
Sleeping Rowlet $4

Signpost Figures $4 each
Available: Charmander, Squirtle, Pikachu, Meowth, Psyduck

Choco Egg Figures
$3 (Machamp, Ditto x1)
$4 (Charizard, Flygon x2, Porygon2)
$5 (Litten, Rowlett x1, Leafeon, Glaceon)

Candy Get Figures
$4 (Komala, Lunala, Togedemaru, Solgaleo)
$2 (pikachu)
$6 (Rowlett, Litten)

Mudkip dangling keychain $4
Glaceon Rubber Shoe Badge $7
Alolan Vulpix and Pikachu Charm thing $3

Druddigon Tomy figure $3
Manaphy Bottlecap figure (no base) $2
Bonsly pencil topper $2
Shieldon metal figure $3

Misc figures:
Tornadus $3
Kyogre, Charmander $1
others free with purchase (paras, cacnea, bootleg doduo, damaged piplup)

Erasers $.50 each
Available: Pikachu, Meowth, Wobbuffet, Charmander, Squirtle

Sylveon silver pokebox coin $20
Torchic dangling keychain $4

Flareon Jakks figure $30
Large Tomy Mega Blaziken $4
Sky Shaymin DX kid figure $3
rest sold

Rare rally game stamps $2 each
Red- Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres
Blue- Lugia, Ho-Oh
Yellow- Regirock, Regice, Registeel, Rayquaza, Kyogre, Groudon, Latias
Green- Regigigas, Cresselia, Heatran, Palkia, Dialga, Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Giratina

Braixen Korotto Manmaru plush $15
rest are sold

Rayquaza poncho Pikachu metal charm $3
Rayquaza poncho Pikachu metal pin $3
-or take both for $5

Flareon kuttari charm $3
Espeon kuttari charm $3

Clear Pikachu stamp banks $4 each (one left)
Mcdonalds figures $2 each (oshawott, wobbuffet, tepig, rayquaza, pikachu, hoopa)

Rumble U figures $5 each (Torchic, Victini, Mewtwo)
TCG pins  $2 each (Jirachi x1, Celebi, Darkrai)
Mega block figures $2 each (Ash, Cacnea, Corfish, Treecko, Pikachu)
Dialga/Palkia pencils $1 for all

All Figures in this photo $1 each
Kabuto kid
Keldeo tomy keychain
Snivy charm
Arceus charm
Munna mini figure
Fletchling tomy
Hoopa tomy (one left)

Bulbasaur line mini models $5 for the set
Pikachu eraser figure $2
Azurill hasbro figure $3
Clear bulbasaur puchi chara $5
Slowpoke choco figure $3
Cubone gacha figure $3
Larvitar gacha figure $3

Jakks figures $4 each (darkrai, scraggy, deerling, machop, mantyke, dewott, regice, mincinno, monferno)

Mega Charizard X zukan $5
Pikachu/Piplup puzzle $3
Glameow/Purugly Zukan $6
Candy Figures $4 each (Pancham, Zygarde core, Wobbuffet)

Cyndaquil tomy plush $8
Croagunk toy factory plush $5
Keldeo tomy plush $6

Pansear jakks plush TTO $5
Pidove jakks plush TTO $5
Munna jakks plush NO TAGS $4

Buizel hip pop parade zipper pouch $12
Buizel hip pop parade keychain plush $8
-or take both for $15
Raichu DX I<3Pikachu+ plush $30

Starters/Eeveelution battrio and tretta pucks $3 each
Pikachu battrio $1 each

Sold: Umbreon, mega venusaur, espeon, quilava, typhlosion

Legendary Battrio pucks $2 each

Sold: sky shaymin x1, both jirachi

Other Battrio $1 each

Sold: gyarados, abomasnow

Hello! I am interested in MGengarfigure,Candy Greninja-Ash figure with a Poké Ball, Mega-Ring, McDonalds Hoopa and Candy Zygarde core next to the Repeat Ball, could i buy it?

Hi sorry for the late reply! The ash-greninja candy figure is sold, but the rest are available! Let me know your zipcode if you would like a quote for shipping ^-^

commmitted to blue lugia stamp to 32825 usa

Sorry for the late reply! Your total is $5.07 and you can send payment to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com with your username and what you've bought in the memo!~

I have the Latios 2015 Tomy plush from your wants. I'm looking to sell it rather than trade right now though. How much are you looking to spend?

I forgot to mention this. It's mint with hang tags and has it's tush tag.

I also have the Japanese Pokémon center Latios plush and the chibi hoops movie Banpresto for sale. Let me know if you're interested in those too.

Hi! I was wondering if you would take $16 plus shipping and fees for electronic Genesect, Hoopa tomy, Regice Jakks, and M. Banette tomy? If so, shipping would be to 75088 US.

Sorry for the late reply! I can do that! After shipping/fees the total would be $21.27

Hi, i see that you have blastoise and charizard tgc figures! Have you venusaur tgc figure too? I'm looking for venusaur ! Thank you

I'll take the Sylveon coin if available.

I'd like to comnmit to the Blastoise and Charizard TCG figs to 444471 please!

Hi! Your total is $11.25
You can send payment to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com with your username and what you bought in the memo~

Is the Sylveon pokebox coin available? :) If so I'm comitted! I'm sure I can get a middle man so that won't be a problem :)

Never mind I see she sold! :3 I just couldn't see all the comments before after I posted for some reason. Best of luck with your sales! :)

How much would the Pokecen Rayquaza plush shipped to 45159? I'll commit if it's $20 or under

Sorry for the late response! The total after shipping/fees would be $18.23
You can send payment to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com with your username and what you've bought in the memo ^-^

Okay I'm back :)
Can I get a quote for the Glaceon moncolle plus figure to 92256 ca plz?

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I agreed to do $20 shipped before, so after paypal fees the total would be $20.91

Do you still have the Volcanion MPC plush for sale?
If so can I have a quote for it to 30102 US?

acctually, can I commit to the Volcanion MPC and Volcanion candy figure to 30102 US?

Hi! I am interested in the following if they are still available, quote would be to 07438:

Feebas Footprint figure $2
Slakoth Footprint figure $2
Vigoroth Footprint figure $2
Slaking Footprint figure (base is missing paper insert) $1
Druddigon Tomy $3
Mega Gengar Tomy $4
Mega Mewtwo X Tomy $4
Mega Aggron Tomy $5


Hi! the total would be $27.11 after shipping/fees

Interested in Mega Charizard X Tomy figure

Just double checking, the Large Tomy figures $4 each m-Charizard X is the one seen here right?


Can you tell me what the total would be for shipping this to 90038? Leave your Paypal and I can pay then immediately with the address in the Paypal message, thank you!! :)

Re: Interested in Mega Charizard X Tomy figure

Hi! yes that is the same figure, this one just doesnt have a mega stone.
The total would be $7.13
you can send payment to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com with your username and what you've bought in the memo~

Comitted to mega evolution bracelet shipped to 46818!

Hi! Your total is $9.19
You can send payment to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com with your username and what you've bought in the memo~

I am very interested in the poke studio bulbasaur. I have a few questions,
What is that brown spot on his bulb?
What condition is he in?
Do you have the box?
Could you post a pic of him next to a standard tomy figure or something else common for scale? Just want an idea how big he is.

The brown spot on the bulb is like a battle scratch, it is painted there. its brand new, just been on a shelf since I got it, it did not come with a box but I purchased it directly from pokestudios.
Heres a size ref, and how it comes apart, it is quite a bit bigger than a tomy