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Permanent Sales Post 2.0

Link to Non-Pokemon Sales

(neopets, digimon, monster hunter, anime, and more!)

Ebay Sales

Sales Rules:
-Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 11/6/2014.
-All community rules apply
-Will not sell to non-members/anyone banned from PKMNcollectors
-Prices are in USD
-Payment via Paypal only
-Items will be shipped when payment has cleared
-Payment due within 24 hours
-Feedback will be left once I recieve feedback from the buyer
-Once I ship the item I am no longer responsible. I will provide a shipping receipt if needed for lost items.
-Reasonable haggling is accepted
-Allergies: My roomate has a dog and 2 cats
-I live in a smoke-free home
-Please do not edit posts, reply to the original post instead to avoid confusion.
-I sometimes accept trades/partial trades (Wants list)

Shipping info
-Shipping is from Michigan, US
-International shipping available with $20 minumum purchase (Please be aware international shipping can be high)
-Packages are shipped out once or twice a week

post is ctrl+f friendly!
Items For SaleCollapse )

If still available, can I get the Espeon kuttari charm to 54303 please? (Committed)

Sorry, another user has committed to it already, I'm just waiting for payment ^^ If it does become available again I will let you know!

How much for the two kuttari charms to 53126 if they are still available? :)

Darn nevermind, I see they are taken. ><

If anything falls through I'll take both tho.

Could I have a quote for the superadorable Pikachu megablok and the big Xerneas Tomy to 18343 please?
Also, I saw a Bulbasaur welch jar on your wants list and found it on eBay for $10 shipped. Just a heads up!

Hi there! Your total with shipping/fees would be $10.04 ^-^
Ah thanks! At the moment I'm only looking for my major wants, but I appreciate it!! ^v^

Committed to Korotto Manmaru Zygarde 10 percent. Would you be interested in taking my shiny mega Steelix card to give me $6 off my total (around what it's selling for on eBay)?

Possibly! Which version is it? I have the standard art already, but I still need the fullart version ^^

Hello, I'm committed to the Ash-Greninja candy figure to 12850! I would like it to come with the pokeball and tag please :)

Hi! sorry for the late reply I've just gotten home from work. Your total after shipping/fees is $7.98, you can send payment to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com with your username and what you've bought in the memo!~

Has the DX Raichu plush been claimed yet?

The total after shipping/fees would be $40.27

If that sounds good you can send payment to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com with your username and what you bought in the memo ^-^

Payment received! I'll have it shipped out saturday~

Would you do $15 shipped with pp fees to 14618 in the US for the pokebox leafeon coin?

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
would you do 15 on the glaceon monocolle fig?

Sorry, I'm not looking to go much lower on that item. I can do $20 shipped if you are within the US?

I dont have anything specifically on your wish-list well, I have one item but someone else asked me to hold it for them) but would you be interested in trading the sylveon pose figure at all? I would be willing to offer anything from any of my sales posts.


I also have TONS of neopets if you're interested in anything other than Xweetoks (I used to have all three of them but I sold them.)

Sorry, I don't see anything I'd be after ^-^' Do you have any cybunny merch? :o

pearly mega mewtwo X TCG figure to 08809

Hi! The total after shipping and fees would be $7.13

Committed to jakks flareon to 33579

Sorry, I agreed to trade flareon to another user at the same time that you posted @-@

Is the battrio puck with Jirachi flying downward still available? :) If so can I get a shipping quote for 29322? :)

Sure! The total would be $6.10 after shipping and fees