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Permanent Sales Post 2.0

Link to Non-Pokemon Sales

(neopets, digimon, monster hunter, anime, and more!)

Ebay Sales

Sales Rules:
-Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on 11/6/2014.
-All community rules apply
-Will not sell to non-members/anyone banned from PKMNcollectors
-Prices are in USD
-Payment via Paypal only
-Items will be shipped when payment has cleared
-Payment due within 24 hours
-Feedback will be left once I recieve feedback from the buyer
-Once I ship the item I am no longer responsible. I will provide a shipping receipt if needed for lost items.
-Reasonable haggling is accepted
-Allergies: My roomate has a dog and 2 cats
-I live in a smoke-free home
-Please do not edit posts, reply to the original post instead to avoid confusion.
-I sometimes accept trades/partial trades (Wants list)

Shipping info
-Shipping is from Michigan, US
-International shipping available with $20 minumum purchase (Please be aware international shipping can be high)
-Packages are shipped out once or twice a week

post is ctrl+f friendly!
Items For SaleCollapse )

Can I get a quote for the Keldeo Tomy Keychain and the virizion, terrakion, cobalion Tomy figures to 30114 USA? Would you do $7 for the three TOMY figures?

sure i can do 7 for the tomys. the total after shipping/fees would be $12.15

Could I get a quote for the Druddigon tomy to US 48104? :)

Sure! it would be $7 including shipping/fees ^-^

Midnight Lycanroc style figure to 28147 please!

The total would be $9.06 with shipping/fees, if that sounds good please send payment to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com with your username and what you've bought in the memo ^-^

Hiya! I was wondering if you still had any of those Rowlet chocolate molds? (https://imgur.com/B0CCjLl)

I remember you didn't ship internationally before so I never inquired about it at the time. ^^;

I'm sorry, I don't have any choco molds left ;;

I'm interested in:
- Midday Lycanroc banpresto $15
- Midday jpn tomy $5
- Midday US tomy $5
- Rockruff US pokecen plush $12

There's some other things i'm interested in too but I shouldn't go too crazy straight out of the gate ;n;

Would you be willing to haggle on the prices of the items I listed? Maybe $30 + shipping?
May I get a shipping quote to 98665?

Thank you! <3

I can do 30 plus shipping for those! The total with shipping/fees would be $44.49

Quote for Charmander signpost, Charizard chibicoro dice, and Blastoise rement?


Thanks :D

Hi! the total would be $14.21 with shipping/fees ^_^

Can I get a quote for the Rayquaza poncho pin to 20723?

the pin is sold already, only the metal charm is available, sorry

Boxed Totodile Kid Figure(can de-box!)
Ho-oh tcg figure (shining legends premium collection)
Re-Ment Desk Blastoise
Sleeping Pikachu

How much would these be to 04005?

Hey there! Can I commit to both of your chibi charmeleon dice? Shipping to GA 30269. Thanks!

Sure thing! total would be $5.97, you can send payment as goods to ericarudo(at)yahoo(dot)com with your username and what you bought in the memo

Hello! Would you be willing to just sell the rockruff plush with leg up, pokedoll, and the one on the furthest right? If so, how much?

If you'd be willing to cut me a heckie good deal for them and the lycanroc I'd be glad to take em from you too!!

Hi, sorry but I'd prefer to sell them all as a lot. Also, there is no rockruff pokedoll in my sales, theres a tomy plush, banpresto, dx banpresto, and pokecen plush of rockruff in the lot

Hi! Is the ditto chocoball figure available or is it just flygon? Thanks!

Can the Latias rally stamp be shipped as a flat? Is it a stamper?

its the type of stamp you use with a seperate ink pad, its too thick to be shipped as a flat